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At MaterQuotes we believe that true personal success is not solely financial success. Creating financial freedom for your family is an aspect of success, but not the whole story. MasterQuotes will train your mind with strategies and tactics for increasing your wealth as a result of learning how to attract the events and loving relationships to sustain your health, fitness and vitality. Day by day you will be the best you can be!

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Our company, OK Initiatives Inc., is a privately held Canadian owned and operated company that has been providing business and wellness solutions to the market place since 1995. Currently, we are the manufacture and distributor of the Mastermoves Core Training program.

Company Name: OK Initiatives, Inc.
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Master Moves come with 5 years manufacture's limited warranty and exclusive risk-free 3 months home trial.

If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return it within 90 days for a full "No Question Asked" refund.

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You will learn proper techniques for hydration, nutrition, exercise and energy preservation. Each technique is related to the laws of nature, and you will learn how the practice of these techniques can, in turn, enhance the quality of life on our planet.

Our integrated fitness approach will help you develop and maintain an optimal level of energy based on five core pillars:

1. Core Hydration
2. Core Hygiene
3. Core Nutrition
4. Core Training
5. Core Energy

Additionally, the practice of The Core Challenge includes the Green Practice for protecting our environment from further pollution and global warming.

 Overcoming Obstacles
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Life is like the seas. Sure, we all wish for smooth sailing... But smooth sailing will not make you a capable captain. The only captain that is sea-worthy is one that can sail turbulent seas.

The difference between the super successful and an ordinary person is not that they didn't have any problems... It's that they learned how to solve them. AND; they chose their response to be pro-active, not re-active.








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